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Chris Lytle uses Ignite Radio Sales to help successful sellers become more successful sooner.

May I tell you a story?

In 1993, we released the first Radio correspondence courses. We started in Canada, because the new Radio Marketing Bureau president had surveyed the advertising community and found that Radio reps had the worst reputation of all media sellers.

My marching orders were to create a Radio-specific training program that would elevate the professionalism and prestige of Radio advertising sales reps across the country. Over the next ten years, we put nearly 80% of Canada’s Radio sales reps through our courses.

In those days, they came with a thick binder and about 12-hours of cassette tapes.

Ten years later, we came out with a Web-based training product called MAX. It contained video and audio learning and a smaller manual.  Instead of having six modules in a binder. We divided the learning into 30 distinct steps that could be completed in six weeks.

Ignite Radio Sales is the next logical step. It was commissioned by a VP of Sales of Golden West Radio. He told me that taking the Radio Marketing Associate course had been instrumental to his move from car sales to radio sales.

He wanted to expose his group to the things that had helped him.

Of course, so many things have changed since 1993 that I went back and spent six months tweaking that original work. We brought in more video. I created some screen capture “movies” for “The Crash Course in Advertising Results” and even excerpted portions of the second edition of The Accidental Salesperson.

It will take anywhere from 25- to 45-minutes per day to get through the whole program. Salespeople will identify ten prospects to put in play and use the training with those prospects. That way, the training gets put into use in small bites every day.

Adults learn by doing, not by hearing how the trainer did it. I have also discovered that time-releasing the information is much easier on the participant. They can digest smaller bites and retain more.

Our mission is making successful salespeople successful sooner.

This short video explains it a bit further:

Click the button below to experience Day 1 of the 30-day program. I invite you to experience what your salespeople would experience while involved in the program.

Compare it to what you’re doing now to get new salespeople ramped up. And think about that middle third of your sales team and how much better they could be were you to retrain them. There’s a reason we named this thing Ignite Radio Sales.

That’s what it does.

If you want to learn more about how this might work for your stations, contact Chris.Lytle@Sparque.biz or call Chris at 423-541-3951

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